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Victory Christian Church
is a Member of TrueBridge
Fellowship of Churches

TrueBridge is a family of churches who share a common vision of relating foundationally and practically to the New Testament truth.  Its goal is to continually strengthen relationships between ministries and churches and between churches and their communities, building bridges with the love of Jesus Christ.  TrueBridge churches believe that Jesus Christ is the head of the church and, as is outlined in Ephesians 4:11-16, He works through various ministries to build His church and keep it healthy.  TrueBridge endeavors to follow Christ and His Word while nurturing existing churches and planting new ones. 

Pastor Jim McCracken, who is the overseer of TrueBridge, has dedicated his life to seeing churches restored to their "roots" in the New Testament.  E.H. Broadbent, the author of The Pilgrim Church, researched and found that throughout history there have been churches that have "endeavored in their meetings, order, and testimony to make the Scriptures their guide and to act upon them as the Word of God, counting them as sufficient for all their needs in all their circumstances."  TrueBridge works to see these "Pilgrim churches" multiply and thrive.   Jim sees himself as a pastor to pastors.  His giftings are in wisdom and leadership.  He also feels part of his mandate from God is to help pastors get their churches through tight places, not unlike the specialized canal captains who help huge freighter ships bring their cargoes through the narrow straits of the Panama Canal.  Jim wants to see healthy congregations understand their giftings and serve in the ministry as described in Ephesians 4:11-16.

TrueBridge's Vision 

Looking forward into each new year, we ask God for specific goals that are in keeping with our vision.  Building upon the general vision of New Testament church is the specific vision of who we are as a local church in a given community.  Additionally, it is important to have goals every year to apply that specific vision.  Accomplishing these goals, which is the application of vision in a practical way, moves each church toward fulfilling its destiny.  TrueBridge exists to help each member church identify its specific vision and then live in it by accomplishing God-given goals each year.

In keeping with our understanding of a New Testament church, we believe each locality eventually becomes a hub or sending center.  Several years ago we recognized five hubs based on the timing given in prophetic words to these churches and their leaders.  Coming of age as sending centers, these hubs are planting new churches and ministries both at home and abroad, and training five-fold team ministries.  These hub churches are not an exclusive group in TrueBridge.  Rather, it is our goal that all TrueBridge churches become hubs for training, sending, and planting new works.

Every local church should benefit from the gifts God has given, which we call the five-fold ministries, to train and equip the people.  This would include the five-fold ministries within TrueBridge and those from the greater body of Christ such as Interlink and others.  Additionally, we need to accelerate the training of such ministries within the churches.  This is not new thinking for us as TrueBridge churches, however, we have a clear word that we must accelerate.  Part of this acceleration can be realized through greater communication, organization, and relationship building.  Interlink is a good example of this in the bigger picture and holds great promise for specific help in the coming years.  (Watch for more information on Interlink at a later date.)           

Closer to home, we believe God wants us to benefit more from each other within the TrueBridge family of churches.  We intend to use our meetings, retreats, and conferences to continue relationship building and accelerate training.  The following is a brief plan that will help accomplish this. 

In each local church the five-fold ministry expresses itself on several levels:

1)     Gifted ministries from outside the church come in to teach, equip, inspire, and train the people.

2)     People are trained and five-fold ministries are raised up in the church.

3)     The church develops a mindset for each ministry.

Example:  If prophets come in from the outside, we want them to prophesy over the people, identify gifts, and generally inspire the congregation.  Over the years we have all come to realize that there is more to the prophetic ministry.  We want them to equip prophetic people in our church and train them to do the ministry.  Additionally, we should believe God to put within the church a prophetic mindset = churches which speak for God in the community.

Therefore, it looks like this:


1)     Prophets from the outside come in to do a prophetic gathering and preach prophetically.

2)     Prophets help train people (especially prophetic) in the church.

3)     The church takes on the thinking of one called to speak with God’s voice to the community. 


1)     Apostles come in to help us build, set things in order, and speak to the big picture apostolically.

2)     Apostles help train people (especially apostolic) in the church.

3)     The church is trained to think as one sent out into the community, region, and world.


1)     Teachers minister timeless, foundational truth, which not only feeds but also creates stability in the church.

2)     Teachers train the people.

3)     The church sees itself as a lighthouse of truth in a world of darkness.


1)     Pastors shepherd in the truest sense: leading the local church and directing the eldership team which cares for the everyday needs of the people.  Also, as the liaison between the local church and trans-local ministries, the pastor “sets the table” for the other five-fold ministries, inviting them in at key times and arranging the schedule for optimum effectiveness.

2)     Pastors train the people.

3)     The church sees itself answering the call of Jesus in the community to those who are as sheep without a shepherd.


1)     Evangelists come in to preach the gospel, perhaps with special meetings, to see people saved, healed, and set on the path of a disciple.

2)     Evangelists train the people (especially evangelists).

3)     The church takes on an evangelistic mindset.

The evangelist ministry was purposely listed last because it is the one we need to emphasize first.  We need a much greater emphasis on equipping our people to reach the lost.  There are many aspects of evangelism that can be “ramped up” in our local churches.

We believe we will see great results for the Kingdom of God if we pull together in this way as TrueBridge churches.


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